The Chicago Cubs Go For Power Hitting Over Power Pitching

With The Second Pick In The 2013 MLB Draft, The Chicago Cubs Select…

Kris Bryant, third baseman, University of San Diego.  While this wasn’t my first choice (Mark Appel), I’m thrilled the Cubs decided to take the young third baseman, who had an astounding 31 home runs this year, with their pick instead of the young power pitcher Jonathan Gray.  I’m a big Jonathan Gray fan and realize that he probably has the highest ceiling of the top three, but I believe that Bryant has a higher floor than Gray, while still having a ceiling of a potential 40 home run hitter.  He’s the safer bet at this point and the person that I saw as the second best prospect in the draft.

The Current State Of The Farm System

Bryant enters the Cubs farm system as one of the top five best prospects they have, if not the best prospect they have.  In my opinion, I think he slides in as the third best prospect behind Baez and Almora.  However, the potential for all three of these players plus someone like Soler, is an encouraging thought for the future of the organization.

Cubs May Recap: A Month Of Streaks

With the month of May recently coming to a close, I would like to reflect on the roller-coaster ride of a month that the Cubs just experienced.

The Bad:

The Cubs had two fairly long losing streaks;

  • At the beginning of the month that lasted 4 games
  • Towards the end of the month that lasted 6 games.
  • The bull-pen continued its struggles

The Good:

  • Between the two losing streaks the Cubs were a solid 7-4.
  • They ended the month on a 5 game win streak including a sweep (one game postponed) of the cross-town rival White Sox
  • The starting pitching was phenomenal

What It All Means:

With a team that relies heavily on its young stars (Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo) to produce runs, this team will experience the same thing that young players experience, inconsistency.  However, its about how the team reacts to the losing streaks that will determine how they fare for the rest of the season.  The starting pitching stayed pretty solid during the losses and continued to be great during the wins.  If the bullpen comes around, the Cubs could be playing above .500 ball until the inevitable trades for prospects happen near the deadline.  The Cubs played a game under .500 during the month of May, 13-14, which was an improvement over the poor month of June in which they went 10-16.  This is at the very least a positive sign as they seem to be trending in the right direction and with the bullpen roles beginning to become more clear it is plausible that this positive trend could continue.



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